What to expect from a contact lens fitting?

Information taken from your comprehensive eye exam aids in the fitting of contact lenses. Additional testing is needed before a diagnostic contact lens can be placed on the eye and assessed.

Measurement of Corneal Curvature: This procedure helps determine which base curve and diameter of contact lens will best fit the eye.

Selection of Diagnostic Lens: Our doctors then use all pertinent exam results to select a lens to best fit the eye and has the best optical design to correct the patient’s vision.

After the diagnostic lens is placed on the eye, the fit and visual function of the lenses are assessed and any changes needed are made accordingly.

All contact lens patients are educated on proper lens care and compliance. For first time contact lens wearers, instructions will be given on inserting and removing contact lenses.

Any follow up examinations required to complete the contact lens prescription are provided with no charge within the 90 days of the initial contact lens fitting.